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Lettering hammer with protect system
FK 725 A complete with 5 m hose and coupling
.52/60989 / Preciso SE + protect

Dieses Druckluftwerkzeug ist geeignet für: This pneumatic tool is suitable for: sculptors; stonemasons and artists..

Anwendungen: Processing gravestones, processing granite, artificial and natural stone, sculpting work, embossing, charring and solidifying, hammering letters, creating works of art, stone work of all kinds, structuring ornaments

696,00 EUR

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Weight 0.91 kg
Lenght 272 mm
Vibration damped
Acceleration 3.9 m/s2
Piston Ø 12 mm
Piston stroke 30 mm
Striking rate 4400/min
Air consumption 0.24 m3/min
Sliding-valve steering
Tube width 8 mm
Spigot R 10,3 x 36


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