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Demolition and breaker hammers
FK2020 R.50
.52/642250 / Eurohammer

Dieses Druckluftwerkzeug ist geeignet für:
Applications: Dismantling in masonry and concrete; Dismantling in mining; for work in rocky soils; for cutting off pipe trenches; for concrete work for tearing pavements; for the removal of remnants of walls; for heavy wall breakthroughs; for the purification of stoves and pans and similar works; for gutting in large castings..

Anwendungen: This pneumatic tool is suitable for: mining; construction industry; Building renovation; bridge construction; civil engineering; tunneling; road construction; Stone industry; Cement industry; Concrete industry; railways; construction industry; Smelters; Steel mills; Foundries.

1.130,00 EUR

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Weight 23.9 kg
Lenght 720 mm
Acceleration 15.71 m/s2
Piston Ø 40 mm
Piston stroke 225 mm
Striking rate 860/min
Air consumption 1 m3/min
Handle Doppelgriff
Tool holder Schraubkappe
without silencer
Sliding-valve steering
Tube width 19 mm
Spigot R 25 x 75
Connection thread G 3/4" a


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